279RL Remote Alarm System

The 279 is an extremely cost effective and compact alarm with built in bump sensor and onboard central locking with optional selective unlocking, utilising an ergonomically designed 2  button remote.

The 279 offers the following :

  • Perimeter protection
  • Built in bump sensor to protect against intrusion and serves as early warning
  • Remote panic
  • Memory report back
  • Anti-hijack
  • Auto arming alarm
  • Door open indication
  • Silent arm and disarm (selectable)
  • Sensitivity for bump sensor can be set via remote
  • Auto rearm with lock function
  • Lock and unlock with ignition
  • Outuput to drive speaker, electronic siren or horn
  • Hazard pulse if enabled
  • Status LED
  • Onboard central locking with optional selective unlocking
  • Quick test at installation
  • Anti “hot wire” protection
  • Can learn in up to 5 remotes
  • Reverse polarity, short circuit and over voltage protection
  • Less than 20 milli Amp stand by current
  • 24 month warranty