Park Distance Sensors

Parking in tight spaces is difficult to pull off often resulting in bumps and scratches which are expensive to repair. Parking Sensors to suit all vehicle models including cars, 4×4 vehicles, twin cabs, trucks and even busses.

Using a visual and audible display the user is warned of obstructions being approached. Not only will they give you an indication of how far the object is away from the vehicle but will also let you know whether the object is on the left or the right hand side.

Sensors can be fitted to the front or back of the vehicle ensuring that dangerous objects that can damage your vehicle are avoided.

  • Affordable
  • Audible/visual display
  • Factory fitted look
  • For cars, 4x4s, twin cabs, trucks and busses
  • Front, rear or both bumpers
  • Approved by major motor manufacturers
  • A professional installation!
  • Color matching can be done