443 Touchkey Immobilser

The 443 is a three circuit cut miniature touchkey immobiliser packaged in a compact security housing. The system uses encrypted rolling code technology and up to 8 touchkeys can be programmed into the system. The 443 has a back lit touchkey receptacle that has a connector at both ends to facilitate easy installation and replacement. The 443 is supplied with a selectable hidden button “keyguard” feature.

The 443 offers the following :

  • Latest touchkey receptacle with connectors at both ends to facilitate installation and possible replacement.
  • Up to 8 programmable touchkeys.
  • If touchkeys are lost, they can be deleted from memory.
  • Pin code override on ignition.
  • Attack-proof security housing.
  • 3 Onboard immobiliser relays (2 x 20 Amp and 1 x 10 Amp).
  • Encrypted rolling code.
  • Supplied with two touchkeys.
  • Additional touchkeys can be programmed in up to a maximum of 8.
  • A unique 5 digit PIN code is set to override the system in the event of a lost touchkey.
  • Uniform black wire harness.
  • The system auto arms after 25 seconds after the ignition being turned off.
  • Quick test at installation.
  • Tracking / paging capabilities.
  • LED flashes when the circuit is armed.
  • Hotwire detection.
  • Reverse polarity, short circuit and over voltage protection.
  • Less than 20 milli Amp standby current.
  • 24 month warranty