Add the latest breakthrough in Early Warning functionality to every vital feature of Active Tracking and our Bonus Benefits for even greater peace of mind or meeting Insurer demands for the best extra failsafe device.

  • High Alert Signals Static Theft and Location to Bidtrack and Vehicle Owner
  • ‘Intelligent’ Activation/De-activation of High Alert function – no ‘tell-tale’ remote
  • Battery Disconnect
  • Border Approach Alerts
  • Internet / SMS / Phone in positioning
  • Automatic Beacon Transmitter Activation with High Alert – Remote Activation with verification of Probable-Theft-In-Progress Alerts
  • Tracking Unit Self-Testing

High Alert is the ability to recognise Static Theft – that a vehicle has without authorisation been started and driven off or towed from a standing situation.

Importantly, the High Alert function is activated / de-activated by means of an ‘intelligent technology’ breakthrough and NOT a tell-tale hand-held remote as with rival systems. In addition, the installation of High Alert does not entail the addition of a separate car alarm against the vehicle manufacturer’s wishes.

Cash Price: R2,675.00 for unit & installation, plus R149 per month (Service agreement for 24 months)

Rental Price: Free installation and only R229 per month (Service agreement for 36 months)

All prices include VAT with 1 year warranty