Increased Efficiency
Enhanced Productivity
Reduced Running Costs

Internet-based: Anytime, Anywhere Data Access

Our flagship FMS – for vast quantities of data crucial to achieving highly-effective fleet management: boasts the case-study proven ability to deliver Productivity Gains of up to 30% and Reduce Running Costs by as much as 25%.

The Full-House of High-Tech Features:

  • GPS ‘Live’ Vehicle Positioning to 4-metre accuracy within 30 seconds
  • Captures and delivers vast amounts of crucial data
  • Work History & Current Status of ALL fleet vehicles
  • Trip Optimising and Spares Expenditure Containment
  • Timed Events via Pre-Set Dates & Odometer Triggers
  • Weekends/After Hours – Pre-Set Allowances to counteract ‘moonlighting’
  • Onboard ‘Private Detective’ to uncover negligence & blue-collar crime
  • Third Party Hardware for monitoring trailers, fuel, rev-counters etc
  • Parameters may be modified
  • SARS approved electronic log book

Cash Price: R3,790.00 for unit & installation, plus R249 per month (Service agreement for 24 months)

Rental Price: Free installation and only R399 per month (Service agreement for 36 months)

All prices include VAT with 1 year warranty