446RLi Remote Alarm Immobilser

The 446RLi is the smallest and most compact vehicle security system in its class today. This top of the range system is packed with the latest innovative and confort features such as anti-hijack and allows various vehicle horn and siren compatible outputs, various window closure timer options and various sensor options. The immobiliser has three onboard circuit cuts and comes standard with two encrypted rolling code remotes. In an emergency the system can be overridden via a unique ignition key sequence.

The 446RLi offers the following :

  • Three onboard immobiliser relays (2 x 20 Amp and 1 x 10 Amp)
  • Anti-hijack (Selectable)
  • Silent arm and disarm feature
  • False alarm nuisance feature
  • Unlock with ignition (Selectable)
  • Window closure facility (Selectable)
  • Vehicle finder (park lights or indicators)
  • Alarm memory report back via status LED
  • Interior light fading with arm and disarm
  • Detector options :¬†Perimeter (door, trunk and hood),¬†Ignition hotwire
  • Auto arming and re-arming alarm and immobiliser
  • Tracking interface outputs (Selectable)
  • Sensor isolation (Selectable)
  • Negative outputs when armed (Selectable)
  • Door and boot open indicator and arming (Selectable)
  • Anti tamper security housing
  • Caters for battery back-up siren, compact siren or vehicle horn.
  • PIN code override
  • Remote panic
  • VESA ABS, Thatcham and AS/NZA approval
  • Less than 20 milli Amp standby current
  • Reverse polarity, short circuit and over voltage protection
  • 24 month warranty