267RLi Remote Alarm Immobiliser

This is a stand alone remote activated alarm and immobiliser system with perimeter and interior protection by means of either an ultrasonic, shock, microwave or glass break sensor. This system has built in anti-hijack functionality.

This alarm system protects the perimeter of the vehicle in that if any of the doors, boot, bonnet etc are opened a siren will sound. The 276RLi can be configured to lock and unlock any vehicle’s central locking system but the use of additional modules might be needed.

The 276RLi offers the following :

  • Two onboard relay immobiliser circuits
  • Timed output to central locking
  • Various movement or shock sensors to choose from
  • Selective unlocking
  • Lock with ignition and memory report back
  • Multi coloured harness
  • Two coded remotes
  • Security housing
  • Drivers horn speaker
  • Override by means of a hidden switch
  • Hot wire detection
  • Auto arming alarm
  • Vehicle locator (Park / flashing indicator)
  • Central locking outputs negative
  • Window closure facility (Optional)
  • Temporary sensor isolation facility
  • False alarm nuisance prevention
  • Alarm trigger diagnostic
  • Remote panic alarm facility
  • Optional selective unlocking output
  • Selectable lock / unlock with ignition
  • Horn speaker / new bridge siren (Optional)
  • Less than 20 mili Amp standby current
  • Reverse polarity, short circuit and over voltage protection
  • 24 month warranty